A Complete Guide to Gulliver’s Gate NYC

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Well, leave the huge world behind and literally step into the small one. Experiencing the world of miniatures at Gulliver’s Gate, will leave you speechless. This playful and interactive world is inspired by our real lives, our work places, our homes, and even things that we dream about. After all, there are no wars, and no refugee camps, but only tiny people who are living there lives peacefully.

What can you expect to see at Gulliver’s Gate?

Upon entering the Gulliver’s Gate, you will be given a personalized metal key. This key is yours to keep and it will allow you to control the models presented there.

As you enter through the Metropolis, which is inspired by NYC, the Statue of Liberty will be there to welcome you. Next you will see the crowded Times Square full of bright LED lights and neon signs. The traffic jam of cars and countless tiny people walking there will remind you how it is being in that chaos. Further, see the iconic structures of One World Trade Center, Grand Central Station and Empire State Building. Exactly behind the Metropolis, checkout the beautiful Falls, inspired by Niagara Falls, and have picture taken there.

Walk towards Continent, inspired by the Europe right from Greece to Scandinavia. Also, you will see Islands, and Winterland, models inspired by British Isles, and Russia respectively. The snow in the Winterland is plenty. Also, at the connection point between the Winterland and Continent, see wall screens displaying the Northern Lights. Don’t miss on checking out Stonehenge, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Eiffel Tower and many more.

Enter the next portal and see different Cultures displayed there. You can find Asiana, Levant, and Sur. At the end of Levant display, go through the resting place of an Egyptian Pharaoh just besides the flowing river Nile and camel caravans. Lastly, stop at the beautiful Taj Mahal, Great Wall, and the Forbidden City with military parade near the Tiananmen Square.

Tips for Visiting the Gulliver’s Gate

  • Gulliver’s Gate NYC opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM every day. However, you won’t be allowed to enter the exhibit after 7:00 PM. Also, keep in mind that the tour through the miniature world takes 2 hours. So, don’t be very late.
  • Skip the ticket lines by booking online tickets. Also, you might get great deals and offers if you book online, which is sadly not possible when you buy tickets from the venue itself.
  • If you are visiting with someone who has physical disability, don’t worry at all. Get in touch with the staff and they will provide you necessary assistance.
  • You don’t have to walk through with your coat on all the time. Check it in by just paying $1 per item. You can only pay via cash here.
  • Umbrellas, big backpacks and heavy luggage are not allowed in the world of miniatures. You can definitely click pictures using your smartphone, but no selfie sticks. 
  • If you want to avoid the crowd, it is recommended to visit the exhibit during morning hours. This will not only give you sufficient breathing room, but you will be able to pay enough attention on small details spread over 50, 000 square feet of space.

When you exit the exhibit, don’t just walk out, but check out the Projects Hall. See the photos and videos documenting the entire Gulliver’s Gate project. Many different teams from around the world worked together to make the miniature world you just experienced. Also, go through the gallery where you will find the District, inspired by Washington DC along with the seven most prominent landmarks like the White House. Lastly, as a souvenir, take home a miniature 3D model of yourself. You can also leave it behind in the Gulliver’s Gate, if you wish so. Want to know more about Gulliver’s Gate, visit http://www.tripindicator.com/gulliver-gate-nyc.html.

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