The Top Digital Trends of 2017

Whether updating an existing website or creating a new one, knowing the top trends of 2017 is a great way to make your website stand out in the digital marketplace. Business website design has changed a lot since from the flat sites used during the early years of the internet. Here is a look at what’s hot right now.

Eye-catching Asymmetry

For a while, many website design services offered layouts that were very symmetric. Nowadays, asymmetry is used to grab the viewer’s attention so they’ll stay around instead of moving on. One way to use asymmetry is to have your logo clearly visible on either the left or right side of the splash screen with text on the opposite side. The kind of text that’s commonly used is a company mission of customer quotes.


The layout of your website can tell a story about your company or the results you aim to achieve for customers. The key here is to use photos that feel authentic and clean transitions between each element. Your story could be about how the company was created and bonus points for including pictures taken during this time. Another story idea could be one of the ways you aim to change people’s lives either with your product or local community outreach.

Contrasting Text

The standard business website design used to rely on only one typeface. The new trend is to create contrast by combining two styles of typeface, such as geometric and monospace. If this seems too busy for your product, you can also try using the same typeface but using bold or italics to separate different content. For example, if you have information about what your product does and how it’s made on the same page, one of those items could be bold while the other is a bit more muted.

Going Dark

Both the backgrounds and photos in websites have been getting darker in both mood and tone. The plain white background is becoming more rare while the new trend is to use something darker with small details such as spots or stripes.

Your business website design will really stand out if you utilize one or more of the current trends in web design. Any of these four trends can be combined into one website that draws the viewer in and makes them care about what your company has to offer. A web design company can show you how these elements can be implemented in your website to make it more interactive and effective.

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