Why Adding White Label Email to Fax Services is a Good Idea

While faxing has been an important vehicle in the transfer of important documents, many businesses has have switched to email as their main form of communication. Faxing, however, still has many benefits, and many companies are looking for faxing solutions without the commitment of purchasing a fax machine and separate phone lines. Offering email fax services may boost your business. Here are a few ways white label email to fax solutions can improve your business solutions service.

Why do Companies Use Fax?

Many professionalsassociate faxing with outdated business practices, but truthfully, faxing is one of the most secure ways to transfer information. Faxing uses technology that avoids long-term storage of documents and images, making it more secure. Many government agencies, for example, will only share sensitive information by fax as opposed to email or postal mail. Businesses can assure that their customers’ information is safe by using a fax machine or faxing services. In addition to being secure, faxing offers confirmation that the receiving party has received the documents. With email alone, there sometimes isn’t confirmation. Postal mail can offer confirmation, but for an additional fee.

What is Appealing About Email to Fax Services?

If you are considering white label email to fax services, it is important to know why your potential customers seek out this service. The most obvious answer to this question is that using an email to fax service negates the cost of purchasing a fax machine and additional phone line. This is especially appealing if a business or individual uses fax sparingly. Businesses can save potentially hundreds of dollars by subscribing to an email to fax service. Secondly, email to fax services are often much less complicated than using a fax machine. The process of sending a fax can be as simple as sending an email, but with the added security that comes with faxing.

Why Should You Consider White Label Fax Solutions?

Simply put, adding white label email to fax services to your menu of solutions can help your customers save money as they communicate via fax. As an additional service, you may work with your white label provider to offer branded fax sheets, especially if your business offers marketing solutions. Your customers may what to subscribe to fax solutions on a monthly basis or on an as-needed document-by-document basis.

Implementing white label fax solutions may help you provide your customers with an invaluable service that not only offers security, but also potentially saves them money.

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